ERA Teachers College is located in Tanzania, Bukoba town on the western side of Lake Victoria. The college is privately run and new. It’s slowly expanding in terms of infrastructure and teaching staff.

The college is looking for volunteers to work as English or Mathematics teachers. Tanzania has two official languages Swahili and English. Many Tanzanians also speak, one of a hundred and twenty tribal dialects. English is crucial but levels of spoken English vary throughout the country and still poor among our college students. At ERA we need volunteers, who can make a difference by helping to improve the standards of English and Mathematics.

We would be happy if Volunteers can commit to a minimum of 6 months. However, if a shorter time is preferred please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you to stay only for a shorter period.

If you are good in other subjects’ e.g arts, sports, geography, music, science, math, and drama it is possible to arrange. As a volunteer in our school, you are encouraged to get involved with teaching subjects, administrative work as well as extra-curricular activities.

Application is free and you can apply directly to the College Director and not necessarily through a volunteer’s placement organisation. ERA will arrange for cheap accommodation (Teachers Guest House) and transport to school. A Volunteer will be informed about work permits and other requirements before travelling to Tanzania. If interested, please contact the college Director using the following address:

Ms. Pascazia Barongo
College Director
P.O Box 1447
Tel: +255 713 788948/+46 73 7645506
Email: erattc@gmail.com; passytindi@hotmail.com